Minenssey Clay Mask Range.


Originating from deep in the belly of the ancient continent of Australia, Australian clay is one of nature's purest beautifiers. Celebrated for thousands of years by Indigenous Australians for its healing qualities, Australian clay has the unparalleled ability to brighten, moisturise and cleanse the skin.

The Minenssey clay mask range features a kaleidoscope of hero ingredients taken from the rich and verdant nature of Australia with its plentiful mineral deposits and lush botanicals. Each clay mask has different qualities that benefit different skin types.

Famous industry expert Cheryl Ross has formulated the perfect range of luxurious spa treatments for your skin. Balance out, protect and nourish your skin in the most loving way with the Minenssey clay mask range.


Australian clay: the oldest known skin healer in the world

Part of the primordial earth that’s millions of year’s old, Australian clay is well known for its therapeutic applications.

Clay has been used to invigorate and revive tired skin for centuries. And each kind of Australian clay represents a solution for different skin concerns. Here are some of the general benefits.

  • Absorbs excess oil dirt and impurities in the skin. 
  • pH balancing qualities smooth out the skin. 
  • The clay texture exfoliates the skin and stimulates better circulation.  
  • Removes debris and impurities from the pores and promotes a healthy glow. 
  • High mineral content rejuvenates and revives the skin.

For aeons, humans and on every continent in the world have been harnessing the powerful healing qualities of clay for skincare. 

Natural weathering of wind, water and fire act upon Australian clay over its million year journey, and give it supremely nourishing qualities. 

Clay is found in a variety of colours from white to green to deep red depending on its origins. Some clays are volcanic in origin, while others are sedimentary.   

The Minenssey clay mask range is carefully extracted from the earth and dried in the sun to maximize its trace mineral content.